How to Send Your CV to Us and Get You on Your Way to Securing that Next Exciting Role


With over 15 years in the industry, HR and Recruitment expert Tiana McDaid, General Manager All Force Labour Solutions gives the following help guide to help create the perfect CV to help you get your next exciting role!

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Writing a top quality Trades & Labour CV:

  1. Write a short clear summary about yourself at the start – be honest and positive and focus on the key words that highlight your key strengths
  2. Ensure your layout and font is clear and concise – always double check all grammar and layout is clear and easy to read for the recruiter. Complex, hard to read CV’s won’t get you to the top of the pile. Also ensure your work history is systematic and written in order from your most recent role at the top.
  3. Highlight your key abilities and experience in the first couple of pages – it is important to get all of your core key skillset and abilities mentioned as early on in your CV to keep the recruiter engaged and realise you are the right person for the job!
  4. If you are using a photo, make sure it is appropriate – always use an image in which you are looking professional, for example a picture drinking with friends in a pub would be inappropriate, one perhaps in your work attire and a headshot perhaps would be most appropriate dependent on your role. A casual friendly headshot may also work – go with your gut instinct it usually gives you the right advice.
  5. Always be honest to your potential employer – it is always best to be truthful, as most times you will be caught for telling the odd fib down the track, and it would not be worth risking your job over. Most employers would appreciate honesty from the outset, and do not be afraid to be honest, even if it means talking to the employer, honesty is always the best employer!
  6. Check for spelling and grammar errors using spellcheck – a pet hate of most recruiter’s are spelling and grammar errors. It can be also linked to a lack of attention to detail from your perspective which may also impact you from being at the top of the pile. From all of the many applicants you are competing with for the role, you want to do everything in your power to stay at the top of the pile!


Frequent Trades & Labour CV Errors:    

  1. Mismatched formatting, styles, fonts, spelling and grammar – this is a common error that comes up time and time again! I know I have said this before but please double and triple check! You will be surprised at the extra full stop or misplaced capital letter or bullet point you may find the third time you check!
  2. Inappropriate hobbies like all night parties drinking alcohol with friends. It is really important to highlight constructive and positive hobbies like sports, travelling and music as an example.
  3. Including information that will not benefit your application – Do not add information you believe is irrelevant like how many chidren you have, and their interests and ages etc
  4. Too wordy and too many pages – Any irrelevant content just bulks your CV out without valid value and meaning. It is important to make a positive impact as early on as possible in your job search – it’s your time to shine!

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I trust this information helps in preparing your CV and please apply now or register at, Perth’s number 1 civil and construction labour hire company to obtain your next exciting Trades and Labour role.  We provide quality labour hire staffing solutions to the civil and construction industry, on the temporary, permanent, long term and short term casual in Perth.


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