Perth Recruitment Agencies: Mineral Sands Player Set to Make It Big

Mineral sands company MZI Resources is now months away from first production and should be making its first sales early next year. With the goal to make MZI Australia’s next mineral sands producer from the Keysbrook project by December of this year, the project is clearly on track.

According to The Australian, the Keysbrook project—which is located just south of Perth—is expected to generate an earnings margin of more than 50 percent—and that’s before interest, depreciation and amortisation fit into the picture. The project is set to generate approximately $38.5 million a year at current spot prices and is expected to rise as the project progresses.

With regards to shares, MZI has outperformed its rivals by reporting a growth of as much as 30 percent in the past year alone while its rivals experienced dips and slides within the same period—Base Resources and Mineral Deposits saw an over 50 percent drop while market leader Iluka Resources experienced a 12.7 percent dip.

A job opportunity

For those looking to find a job in the mining industry, the foreseen growth in MZI and the Keysbrook project in general could be your chance to work in an industry that interests you. With the mining industry hopping, employers will be prone to choose successful candidates from the first batch of resumes they receive from employment agencies. Here’s how you get ‘short-listed:’

#1: Optimise your resume

Your resume is the employer’s first glimpse into who you are and what you’re capable of. Thus writing the best resume to suit your needs is critical to you getting the job. Tips to optimise your resume include pumping up your skills section, getting rid of irrelevant information, and making sure it’s free of grammatical and spelling errors.

#2: Use a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are considered one of the best ways for job seekers to connect with employers and get hired. Employers use these agencies to find the right employees, so if you can, take advantage of these special services.

#3: Employment agencies in Perth

Trusted labour hire companies like All Force Labour Solutions supply quality and reliable workers to the mining and construction industries across WA. They perform extensive evaluation and screening to ensure you are a perfect match for the mining job opening you desire.


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