Pre – Start Stretching Tips on Construction Sites


At All Force Labour Solutions, we encourage our worker’s to engage in pre-start stretching. There are a number of benefits to this including improving coordination in muscles, improving muscular and posture and can also reduce fatigue. Reducing the risk of soft tissue injuries through pre start stretching, is a very proactive and active method of preventing injuries. Your health and personal well- being is a priority and we at All Force Labour Solutions promote a safety first culture.

To help prevent work place injury, please find some stretches that can help you reduce the risk of injury. Please note however, if any of the following cause any pain or discomfort, please stop the stretching immediately.

Neck and Shoulder Stretches:

• Stand with the feet and shoulders with apart and place your arms behind your back.
• Grab your right arm with your left wrist.
• Tilt your head to the left.
• Hold this position for 10 secs


Abdominal Stretches:

• Stand and extend the arms upward and over the head. With your arms turned upwards, interlace your fingers.
• Stretch the arms up and slightly back holding for 10 secs
• Stretch to one side and then the other
Upper Back Stretch:

• Stand with your arms extended to the front at shoulder height with your fingers interlaced and palms facing outwards
• Extend the arms and shoulders forward
• Hold this position for 10 secs


Overhead Arm Pull Stretches:

• Stand with your feet and shoulders a width apart
• Raise your left arm, bending the left elbow and touching the left hand to the back of the neck
• Take your left elbow with your left hand and pull to the left hand
• Hold this position for 10 secs
• Return to the same position and do the same with the other hand
Hamstring Stretch:

• Stand with the knees slightly bent
• With your head up, reach toward the toes and straighten your legs, hold you position for 10 secs

Groin Stretch Standing:

• Slowly lunge to the right while keeping the left leg straight
• Keep your left leg facing straight and placed on the floor
• With your left leg, lean over whilst stretching and the right groin muscles
• Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat with the right leg

Calf Stretching:

• Stand with your feet and shoulders apart with your right foot slightly forward
• Bend your waist forward at the waist
• Slightly bend the left knee and full the extend the right leg
• Now reach down and pull the toes of the right foot towards your right shin
• Hold the position for 10 seconds
• Return to your original starting position and do the same with the other foot
Arm Stretches:

• Stand with your back straight and your feet and shoulders width apart
• Rotate your shoulders forward and making a large circular motion with your arms
• Now repeat the action in the opposite direction
• Do this 3 times in each direction
To improve flexibility within your body, endurance and strength, hold each stretch a little longer or alternatively do some more repetitions!

All Force Labour Solutions encourages pre- start stretching to all of our Perth labour hire employees, encouraging a safe working culture and personal well being. Looking for workers? Looking for a job?

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