Working on A Construction Site and trying to shift those last few kilos for summer!?

There tends to be a misconception recently found through a Food Standards study that the majority of construction workers are under the impression that a diet which is high in fat is better for delivering the sustainable energy levels required to carry out the physical duties on a construction site, particularly in Western Australia’s summer. With a few very minor adjustments to the way that you eat, you will steadily and healthily be able to lose an average of around 1 kilo a week, and in just a month you will see and feel the difference. This does not to be a scary or daunting process, it is mainly about selecting different foods that fill you up!


New Body Under Construction

If you can follow these few rules, you will be on your way to a lighter, healthier and happier you!

1. WATER – Drink 2 litres of water a Day – Water is critical to help lose weight and is also required for the metabolism of stored fat in your body

2. LEAN MEATS, FISH AND VEGETABLES – Eat as many lean meats as possible such as turkey, kangaroo, beef, eat fish such as tuna and salmon, and steamed vegetables and rice without butter or oils if possible or very small amounts. Start drinking freshly made vegetable and fruit juices and salads as well as fat free yoghurts and air popped popcorn. Fried foods should be avoided when trying to shift a few calories, instead pan fry in non – fat spray, grill, or oven bake. You will be amazed at how these extra calories, in rich gravies and sauces all add up and detriment your goals, even though you may have been eating and exercising well in other areas!

Healthy-Vegetables3. SNACKS – Snacking on fattening foods is a common cause of weight gain. Fresh fruit is always a great option as well as low calorie jelly with some fat free ice cream.

4. REDUCE YOUR SALT INTAKE- Occasionally with fat free or low fat items, it can seem sometimes the taste in savoury dishes is not as tasty – feel free to add as many fresh or dried herbs and spices but please avoid the salt!

5. 6 MEALS PER DAY – Rather than 3 meals per day, to help increase your metabolism, it is good to have around 6 meals per using as many raw ingredients as possible rather than processed foods.

6. BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY – It is so important to never skip this meal of the day! It is this very first meal that actually kicks off your metabolism and helps you with fat burning! Your metabolism increases for about 8 hours and then it slows down again, so if you skip breakfast for example and wait until lunchtime, you have omitted 4 hours of where you could have been burning fat and those extra calories that you wanted to shift!

healthy breakfast

7. CUT DOWN ON CAFFEINE – Recent studies have also shown that caffeine can be a deterrent in your weight loss plight. In fact unfortunately caffeine can inhibit the burning of fat that is stored in your body which is caused by an increase of insulin.

8. FANTASTIC FIBRE – Fibre is great way to help fill up your body with goodness, it is fantastic for your digestive system and passes through your body works easily.

9. EXERCISE – This is also a great weight to increase your metabolism as well as burn off excess fat combined with eating well.

10. STAY POSITIVE – Try and be as positive as possible with your weight loss and fitness goals as negative emotions tend to interfere with weight loss – processed foods will make you feel a lot worse and heavy on your stomach.

All Force Labour Solutions takes pride in promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle encouraging healthy eating and a strong work life balance. Staying fit and healthy and eating well means a better you for your friends and loved ones. Looking for workers? Looking for a job? Please head to our website at for further information!

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