Why are Construction Workers the happiest?

The single most efficient way to increase your productivity is to be happy at work. There is not one single system or methodology that supersedes the productivity boost you get from enjoying your job.

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Why happiness at work is deemed by many as a key productivity booster;

Happy workers fix problems instead of complaining about them
-Happy workers work better with others
Happy workers interact better with people and consequently have better relations at work.
Happy workers are more optimistic
Happy workers generally have a more optimistic positive outlook
-Happy workers are more motivated
Low motivation inevitably leads to low productivity
-Happy workers have more energy
Happy workers have more energy and are generally more efficient in their work orientated tasks
-Happy workers get ill less often
Unfortunately when you are ill, productivity has a profound negative effect. This is heightened if you dislike your job which will only make you more ill, stressed and burnt out.
– Happy workers learn faster
When you’re happy and relaxed, you’re much more open to learning new things at work at a quicker rate.
– Happy workers make better decisions
Workers that are not happy conduct themselves in permanent crisis mode. They tend to lose sight of the big picture, and are driven to make short-term, here-and-now choices. On the other side of the spectrum, happy workers make more informed and better decisions and are easily able to prioritize their work.
-Happy workers worry less about making mistakes – resulting in fewer mistakes
When you’re happy at work the occasional mistake isn’t really a show stopper. You also don’t mind apologising for your mistakes, fixing the mistake and then taking full responsibility for them.



Recent studies have shown that those working in the construction industries are generally the most happiest. As the construction industry in Perth continues to thrive, this impacts the worker positively and is definitely a mood booster.

Those that are not in this line of work are usually impacted by the following, which effects their moods and overall happiness in regards to the work place.
1. Manager’s who aren’t supportive
2. Not having the tools to succeed
3. No opportunity for professional growth

Almost the majority of those that aren’t the most content are usually caused from the following factors;
1. Lack of opportunity for promotion
2. Not given sufficient training or equipment to succeed in the current role
3. Worker’s who feel that there Manager’s aren’t supportive

Almost 50% of dissatisfaction rates are linked to a negative relationship with their direct supervisor, 24% state that it is insufficient training that impacts their happiness at work, and almost 71% of worker’s feel that they do not have enough opportunities for growth.  The advantages about working within the construction field is that there is plenty of opportunities for new workers to learn the appropriate skills to develop and move on to the next step.  It is just not the above three factors that effect job satisfaction amongst workers. Having a good relationship with fellow workers and colleagues ranked very high with mood boosting and motivation.

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