Staying Cool in the WA Summer Heat

Working on construction sites in the Perth summer can cause heat stress and heat strokes so identifying and taking preventative measures when the early warning signs come in.

Heat strokes and stress are caused mainly by direct sunlight to the body, very high air temperatures, and on construction sites, other components such as radiation from particularly machinery, concrete related pouring increasing humidity or even natural causes, reduced ventilation on your outdoor construction site can cause a lack or limited air flow which may lead to limited air flow, dependent on your role on site, sometimes heavy personal protection equipment can cause heat issues, and working on the roof.

Due to the amount of physical activity under these conditions, it is important to protect yourself as much as possible with the relevant PPE and drinking plenty of fluids.



Our body has a normal temperature of about 37 degrees and is usually maintained by sweating which cools the body as it evaporates. It is important that when we are sweating to compensate with drinking fluids or a lack of this will lead to dehydration very quickly ad cause us to become ill.  Even when not sweating, a recommendation on very warm and hot days is drink plenty of water to prevent any heat related illnesses, particularly heat stroke and heat stress.

Earlier, we talked about recognising the early signs that link to experiencing a heat stroke or heat stress.  When you do recognise these signs, it is vital that you take action immediately.  It is critical you take action straight away rather than wait for it go away.  There are a variety of warning signs, some of them include but are not limited to body muscular cramps, headaches, rashes which are caused by the heat, a nauseous feeling, fatigue and low energy, thirsty and irritable, cold and clammy skin, sweating very heavily.  If you neglect or ignore these tell -tale signs and warnings, this may lead to an actual heat stroke.  A heat stroke is classed as when the temperature of your body rises beyond 40.5 degrees and your internal bodily functions begin to shut down.  Some of the damage caused includes muscle, heart and kidney damage. With serious heat stroke, your nervous system is also affected which can cause in seizures and also comas in extreme cases

If you feel you are having a heat stroke, the key signs to identify this is dry skin and no sweating, confusion, unconsciousness, not being able to stand properly.  It is vital that if you are in this situation that you receive medical attention immediately, every second truly does count. If you see one of your colleagues on site or even someone that does not work in your section suffering from these symptoms, it is very important that you call emergency 000. Transfer the person to a cooler area, pat down the individual with a cold sponge and remove clothing to help the person cool down in anyway possible.

All Force Labour Solutions takes pride in promoting that prevention is the best strategy and encourages and strives towards the safest working conditions on site working parallel with the worker and host employer accordingly. Looking for workers? Looking for a job? Then please head to our website at for further information.

Please note All Force Labour Solutions is giving general advice and is not to be replaced with medical advice.

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